Who we are 


Design for America Northwestern is part of the national network of DFA students working towards social change that started here at Northwestern with Professor Elizabeth Gerber and Sami Nerenberg.  We utilize the human centered design process through projects with community partners to make social impact in the local community through human-centered design.

ReaL Impact

Like the Flood Rug, that protects furniture from flood damage, we work on projects that create tangible differences in our community. Whether it's something as small as a brochure or a new gardening program in a local school or it's a bigger difference, like a patent or full-fledged company, our teams work to not just come up with a new idea, but real results.  By working with community partners to solve problems, we set and meet achievable goals to better our community. 


Design for America offers a unique community that cares about improving the world and is passionate about design. From connecting our members to local design firms to hosting social events to our mentor network, DFA Northwestern is truly a DFAmily. We learn, laugh and design together.   


Social change

All of our projects are focused on bettering our community. We focus on the people we are designing for to improve their lives as much as possible. With the human centered design process, the emphasis is always on the people we are designing for.